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December 28, 2018

6 Signs That You Should Get Your Heater Checked Out

6 Signs That You Should Get Your Heater Checked Out

Have cooler nights forced you to reach for the thermostat? If you’re running your heater—or considering turning it on to deal with lower nighttime temperatures—keep an eye (or ear) out for the following signs that you should get your heater checked out.

And if you haven’t yet flipped the switch, be sure to replace your air filter and vacuum your vents or registers before turning on your heat.

Lots of Dust

Does your unit seem to be kicking out dust? Are you noticing that the vents are getting dusty? If you haven’t already changed your air filter, do so immediately! When the air filter gets clogged with dust and pet hair and dander, it’s less able to do its job and filter such particles. It’s important to replace your filter as per your HVAC manufacturer’s suggestion. If you have pets, consider swapping out your air filter monthly. Replacing your air filter is an easy maintenance task that shouldn’t be neglected. Failing to do it regularly could lead to damage to your unit.

Odd Noises

Does your unit make a weird banging noise when it runs? Does it sound like a component is grinding against another or is it making a strange screeching sound? Any of these noises should be cause for alarm and may be caused by loose, worn out, or broken components. Turn off the heater and refrain from running it until it’s checked out by a skilled HVAC tech.

Weird Smells

When you first turn your heater on this season, it probably won’t smell great. Most of us are used to that momentary smell that fills the air. However, if your heater continues to give off an odor, you may have an issue. If it smells like something is burning, turn off your system—there may be an electrical issue. Musty odors may be a sign of mold growth, which, thanks to Florida’s humidity, can occur in vents and ductwork. Once you have your unit checked out, a handy HVAC tech can tell you best way to address your issue.

Temperature Fluctuations

Ah, it’s nice and toasty and then… wait, it feels cooler and cooler, but then it’s hot again. If you’re perceiving temperature fluctuations while your heater is running, or if it is constantly running or quickly cycling, you should have your unit looked at to ensure it is working properly. Turn it off to minimize damage by any malfunctioning components and call a trusty HVAC professional.

It’s Not Getting Warmer

If you’re running your heat and you can’t tell the difference, there’s a problem. First, check that your unit is receiving power—make sure your circuit breakers haven’t been switched and that the power switch is on. Also, check that your thermostat is working. If it’s still not working or still not pushing warm air, call a qualified Brevard County HVAC repair tech.

High Electricity Bills

Is your utility bill higher than it typically is during this time of year (after taking into account the rising cost of electricity or gas)? If you’ve seen a large spike in your bill after turning on your heat that doesn’t seem to equate with how often your heater has been running, it may be that your heater isn’t running efficiently.

If you’re experiencing one of these problems, call Page Air, Inc. today! We offer 24-hour emergency service and offer appointments to fit your needs as well.

Preventative Maintenance

Even if your heater isn’t acting, it’s a good idea to have your unit serviced annually. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your unit and help catch any minor issues before they become major headaches. Schedule your maintenance with Brevard County’s HVAC professionals—contact us today.

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December 28, 2018


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