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October 21, 2021

AC Energy Savings for Florida Businesses

AC Energy Savings for Florida Businesses

Steps That Melbourne, FL businesses can Take to Save Big On AC Energy Costs:

  1. Utilize shades, drapes and blinds during the day, blocking out temperature increasing sunlight, especially during peak hours of the day.
  2. Consider a more relaxed and cooler dress code, making the businesses or office space more comfortable even if you set the AC a few degrees higher
  3. Turn the AC unit up to 10-degrees warmer when the business is closed (such as overnight)
  4. Incorporate fans to increase airflow, circulation and cooling
  5. Reduce or eliminate heat-producing activities (i.e. use a microwave vs an oven)
  6. Invest in insulation and properly sealing doors and windows, the biggest culprit of lost energy, accounting for upwards of 20% of heating and cooling loss in homes and businesses
  7. Vent heat-producing machines or equipment outdoors
  8. Keep air vents unobstructed and open
  9. Have your system inspected for any air duct leaks
  10. Invest in routine maintenance to ensure the AC’s optimal efficiency
  11. Consider planting shade trees around the establishment
  12. Turn heat-producing lights off in unused or unoccupied rooms
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October 21, 2021


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