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October 6, 2021

Ask a Pro: Top Questions We Get Asked Most Frequently?

Ask a Pro: Top Questions We Get Asked Most Frequently?

Ask a Pro: Top Questions We Get Asked Most Frequently?

The Most Common Questions that Cape Canaveral Residents Have About Their HVAC and AC Systems:

1. How Can I Improve the Energy Efficiency of my HVAC System?

Solution: Routine maintenance, programmable thermostat, frequently replacing air filters, installing curtains or shades in the rooms exposed to the most sunlight, keep air vents open and unobstructed.

2. Does Adjusting the Thermostat Up or Down Save on Energy Bills?

Turning the thermostat up or down when away from home (such as when at work) can save you big time on energy bills while reducing wear on your system. The EPA suggests turning the temperature to 7-10 degrees lower than your regular temp in winter and 7-10 degrees hotter in the AC when away from home.

3. How Frequently Do I Need to Clean or Replace the Air Filters in My Unit?

This one is a bit tricky. First, check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow its guidance. If the filter looks dirty, its dirty. Clean or replace it. Apart from that, during high-use months you may need to clean or change the filter monthly. During low-use seasons or months, every other month or once every three months might suffice.

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October 6, 2021


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