Two-Stage Heat Pump with Puron® Refrigerant


Bryant AC Model 289b Merritt Island FLA

Prior to Your Purchase

Bryant has a history of doing whatever it takes to deliver trusted quality, comfort and value to millions of homeowners nationwide. The Model 289B Heat Pump with Puron® Refrigerant offers the industry’s most comfortable indoor environment available with extra- efficient, money-saving operation.


  • Up to 19.0 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) cooling means you’ll save money on your monthly cooling bills. Two-stage cooling, enhanced humidity control and improved air management all contribute to this unit’s outstanding energy efficiency.
  • While in the heating mode, heat pumps also receive a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF rating. Again, the higher the number, the more efficiently the system works. Most new units have ratings between 7.7 and 9.0 HSPF.

Bryant AC model 289bComfort

  • It starts with two-stage cooling and continues with our exclusive comfort-enhancing Perfect Humidity® function. The Model 289B combines all of Bryant’s most sophisticated comfort technology to elevate your home’s environment. And, when you step up to an Evolution® you take comfort, control and efficiency to even higher levels.

A Tradition of Higher Standards

Since 1904, Americans have learned to associate Bryant® heating and cooling products with higher standards of indoor comfort. Through the commitment and dedication of our product development and manufacturing teams, we have delivered the products to meet or exceed expectations. Today, as rising energy costs and increased awareness of environmental issues drive consumer thinking, Bryant proudly offers an answer that also provides unprecedented comfort control – the Model 289B Heat Pump with Puron® Refrigerant.

The Bryant Model 289B provides quiet, luxurious comfort with our exclusive Evolution® Control. It raises the bar for humidity control with our Perfect Humidity® function.And,it saves significantly on energy costs with up to 19.0 SEER cooling and 9.0 HSPF heating efficiencies. Designed, built and backed by the most trusted name in the business, and installed by your trusted and professional Bryant dealer, the Model 289B Heat Pump with Puron Refrigerant provides you and your family premium comfort all year long.

Enjoy the Benefits of Two-Stage Comfort

The Model 289B, when installed with the optional Evolution® Control and a compatible indoor unit, manages your comfort better than standard single-stage heat pumps. The key is its two-stage operation. Most of the time, this unit operates on low stage to deliver a nearly continuous stream of heating or cooling comfort. Low-stage operation is typically quieter and uses less energy than high-stage
operation. Because air flows at a steady rate for longer periods of time, there are fewer up- and-down temperature swings, fewer hot and cold spots throughout your home and improved air filtration. When conditions require an extra boost of heating or cooling to maintain your comfort, the Evolution Control signals the Model 289B to switch over to high-stage operation and you will continue to enjoy the comfort.

Peace of Mind

Bryant AC exceptional coveragePeace of Mind Melbourne FloridaHaving a great warranty helps you enjoy your comfort with confidence. Bryant builds trusted reliability into every product, then provides additional peace of mind with excellent warranty protection.

To the original owner, the Bryant Model 289B heat pump is covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration of your new equipment.* Ask your Bryant dealer about optional extended warranties which may include labor.

* Warranty period is 5 years if not registered within 90 days. Jurisdictions where warranty restrictions are not allowed will automatically receive a 10-year parts warranty. See warranty certificate at for complete details.

Relax and Re-energize with Perfect Comfort

Perfect Humidity IconYour home is your refuge, the place you go for comfort – so why not choose the very best heat pump system available? With a compatible thermostat and indoor unit, you can experience the enhanced comfort of our Perfect Humidity® function which provides better humidity control than standard heat pump systems. That’s not only important for those extra hot and sticky summer days, it’s important EVERY DAY you want to save money by enjoying the same comfort at higher cooling temperatures.

For even greater comfort and control over temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed and ventilation, we recommend including a variable-
speed fan coil and our unique Evolution® Control to create a Bryant Evolution® System.

Feeling Good About Feeling Comfortable

The Bryant Model 289B delivers year-round comfort using environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant. It helps conserve natural resources with exceptional energy savings up to 19.0 SEER cooling efficiency. At the same time, our 5-point AeroQuiet IITM design keeps operational sound to a minimum – as low as 72 dBA – so you can enjoy your comfort and energy savings in peace.

In addition, Bryant’s Model 289B instills the confidence that comes with choosing a system designed, built and backed by a company committed to customer satisfaction. From initial design through product testing and an assembly process that includes our 5-step 100% run test, we go beyond the industry’s expectations for quality and reliability to be sure that every unit we make measures up to even tougher standards – yours.


Bryant AC model 289b performance

The Evolution of Comfort

AC tempature monitor closeup Florida AC tempature gauge Florida Bryant is at the forefront of a comfort revolution with its exclusive Evolution® System. Starting with the sleek, sophisticated Evolution® Control, this system puts more power and ease-of-use at your fingertips than any other comfort control. Full, seven-day programmability allows precise temperature and humidity control that matches your living schedule. Intelligent electronics track system operation and identifies the very best combination of comfort and energy-saving operation. Accessory and system monitors provide text-based messages on the large LED screen letting you know when it’s time for a filter change, routine maintenance and more. And, optional remote connectivity lets you monitor, change and control the system anywhere you have Internet access.

Simple, intuitive and powerful, the Evolution® System truly sets a new standard for excellence in home comfort.

The optional Evolution® Control is much more than just a thermostat. It is your single source of precision temperature, humidity and indoor air quality.

Home Comfort Components

  1. Model 289B diagram AC Florida ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND, EXTREMELY EFFICIENT: Our two-stage compressor is designed for use with Puron® refrigerant to providequiet,smooth-operating comfort and years of environmentally sound, energy- efficient performance.
  2. PRECISION COMFORT CONTROL: Our electronic control board allows for precise control of two-stage cooling and works with the Evolution® Control for the ultimate in comfort control. “Intelligent” circuitry monitors cooling operation and automatically adjusts system settings to maximize comfort and efficiency.
  3. RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: Bryant’s MicrotubeTM Technology refrigeration system with copper tube/aluminum fin coil maximizes transfer of heat outside your home to ensure cooling and heating efficiency. Coil materials and design minimize chances for rust and corrosion for lasting performance.
  4. Model 289B Melbourne AC FloridaQUIET OPERATION: AeroQuiet System IITM optimizes airflow and incorporates sound-absorbing materials for minimal vibration and reduced sound. The keys to this system include: AeroQuiet top, integrated ECM fan motor and forward- swept fan blade, our deluxe sound blanket and split- post compressor grommets.
  5. LASTING COMFORT: High and low-pressure switches and the filter drier protect the unit’s most important single component: the compressor.
  6. BUILT TO LAST: Bryant’s protection package ensures lasting durability and good looks. Three key elements to this package include: galvanized steel cabinet, louvered coil guard and baked-on powder paint.

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Two-Stage Heat Pump Palm Bay Forida AC Unit 289B

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