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Bryant® EarnsYourTrust

Since 1904, Bryant has earned the trust of U.S. homeowners by doing whatever it takes to deliver superior quality and performance. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our development and manufacturing teams, families have learned to count on Bryant for reliable indoor comfort solutions. Today, with environmental awareness and energy costs on the rise, Bryant offers an excellent fit for concerned homeowners: the Model 226A Two-Stage Heat Pump with Puron® refrigerant.

The Bryant Model 226A provides worry- free comfort that won’t deplete the Earth’s ozone layer. It delivers savings on your energy bills with up to 16 SEER cooling efficiency and up to 9.0 HSPF heating efficiency. And it does it as quietly as the refrigerator in your kitchen. Designed, built and backed by the most trusted name in the business, and installed by your local Bryant dealer, the Model 226A Two-Stage Heat Pump with Puron® refrigerant provides comfort you can enjoy season after season.

Enjoy the Comfort of Trusted Reliability

Model 226a - Bryant AC FloridaRelaxing in the comfort of your home is easy with the Model 226A because this is one durable and reliable heat pump. Durability is built-in with our DuraGuardTM protection package that looks good for years while protecting the outdoor coil from sports and lawn equipment and even the weather. Inside, corrosion-resistant components and com- pressor-protection features help ensure this heat pump delivers comfort when you need it.

In addition, Bryant’s Model 226A provides the peace of mind that comes with choosing a system developed by a company known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. From initial design through product testing and an assembly process, we go beyond the industry’s expectations for quality and reliability to be sure that every unit we make measures up to even tougher standards – yours.

Peace of Mind

Bryant AC exceptional coveragePeace of Mind Melbourne FloridaHaving a great warranty helps you enjoy your comfort with confidence. Bryant builds trusted reliability into every product, then provides additional peace of mind with excellent warranty protection.

To the original owner, the Bryant Model 226A Two-Stage Heat Pump is covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration of your new equipment.* Ask your Bryant dealer about optional extended warranties, which may include labor.

* Warranty period is 5 years if not registered within 90 days. Jurisdictions where warranty restrictions are not allowed will automatically receive a 10-year parts warranty. See warranty certificate at for complete details.


Model 226a - performance

Perfect Your Comfort with Perfect Humidity®

Model 226a - thermostatThe Model 226A is your trusted source for year-round comfort. For enhanced control over temperature AND humidity, add a variable-speed gas furnace or electric fan coil and our Thermidistat TM Control. This system will give you full, seven-day-a-week programmability and our comfort-enhancing Perfect Humidity® function. Perfect Humidity technology elevates your comfort by providing up to 30 times the humidity control of standard heat pump systems.

The Thermidistat TM Control is much more than just a thermostat. It is your single source of precision temperature, humidity and indoor air quality control.

Environmentally Sound Comfort, Future Savings

Puron logo air conditioningWith the Model 226A, you join the growing ranks of homeowners who choose environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant. It’s an important consideration because Freon®- 22*, the refrigerant most commonly used in heat pumps, is gradually being phased out of existence due to concern over the Earth’s ozone layer. In fact, manufacturers such as Bryant can no longer create Freon-22 products as of January, 2010. While these products may continue to be available as inventories last, costs to service heat pumps using Freon-22 may rise as supplies dwindle. By choosing the Model 226A with Puron refrigerant now, you are helping preserve the ozone layer while protecting yourself from potentially expensive service costs down the road.

* The registered owner of Freon is E.I. Dupont de Nemour & Co.

Home Comfort Components

Model 226a - diagramPURON® REFRIGERANT Bryant’s environmentally sound refrigerant keeps you cool without depleting the Earth’s ozone layer.

  1. ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND, EXTRA-EFFICIENT: Our two-stage scroll compressor is 1 designed for use with Puron refrigerant and to quiet, smooth-operating comfort and years of environmentally sound, trouble-free performance.
  2. RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: Bryant’s MicrotubeTM Technology refrigeration system with copper tube/ aluminum fin coil maximizes transfer of heat outside your home to ensure cooling efficiency. Coil materials and design minimize chances for rust and corrosion for lasting performance.
  3. QUIET OPERATION: Smooth-running two-stage scroll compressor features naturally quiet operation that is further reduced with our compressor sound hood.
  4. LASTING COMFORT: Pressure switches and the filter drier protect the unit’s most important single component: the compressor.
  5. Model 226a - diagram houseBUILT TO LAST: The Bryant DuraGuardTM protectionpackage ensures lasting durability and good looks through years of exposure to weather, sports and lawn equipment and more. Three key elements to this package include: galvanized steel cabinet, baked-on powder paint and louvered coil guard.

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