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August 5, 2020

FAQ About Replacing HVAC Systems

FAQ About Replacing HVAC Systems

We all have them, yet when it comes time to replace these systems, many home and business owners are left with a lot of questions.

When is the Right Time to Replace an HVAC System?
A few key signs it might be time: frequently needs repairs, is 15 year or older, has been poorly maintained over its lifespan, is past it’s warranty period, is increasingly less energy efficient.

Do I Need to Replace All HVAC Components at the Same Time?
Generally speaking, if your system needs replacement or upgrading, it is wise to replace the whole system at once to ensure optimal efficiency.

What Size HVAC Unit is Right for My Home or Office?
The proper model and size will be dependent on the square footage of the space you are heating/cooling. Going both too big or too small can reduce efficiency and put more strain on the system.

What Type of HVAC System is Right for My Home?
Your space (size and shape), local weather patterns, energy requirements and more can all play a factor in selecting the right system. An HVAC professional can help you evaluate your needs and find the right solution.

What Will it Cost to Replace an HVAC System?
The make, model, type, and size of the HVAC system that will best suit your needs all play a big role in the overall cost. The type of home, structure, existing system and other structural factors can also play a big role in the cost of installation.

Will I Qualify for a Tax Credit with an Energy Efficient System?
Some do. We can help you find a system that meets the requirements for certain tax credits.

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August 5, 2020


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