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August 11, 2021

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Residents in Brevard County, including Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Rockledge and surrounding areas rely on their AC to keep them cool and comfortable all year round.

But how do air conditioners work?

Your AC unit is engineered to use chemicals (refrigerant) that convert from a gas to a liquid state and then back again rapidly. This process results in the chemical transfer of heat from the air inside of your home, to the air outside of your property.
To do this, your air conditioner has three main components: the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator. Refrigerant is funneled through lines to the compressor in the form of a gas. As the name suggests, the compressor, compresses this gas under pressure, heating it up before sending it to the condenser coil where it transforms from a gas to a liquid.

The liquid refrigerant is then sent back indoors where it enters the evaporator coil. There, it evaporates, acting to cool the indoor coil.

The air conditioner’s fan blows air across the now cold evaporator coil, dispersing cool air and allowing heat from inside the home to be absorbed back into the refrigerant. The now heated refrigerant gas is sent back to the compressor where heat is released back to the outside of the property as the gas is compressed and transformed back to a liquid state.

This cycle continues until the indoor temperature has reached the desired level set on the air conditioner’s thermostat.
Have more questions about your AC unit and how it works? Let us know.

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August 11, 2021


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