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April 27, 2022

How supply chain issues are affecting the HVAC industry

How supply chain issues are affecting the HVAC industry

How supply chain issues are affecting the HVAC industry

The last few years have been anything but normal. Kicked off with the global pandemic, the challenges that followed reverberated across virtually all industries at home and around the world.

Recently, supply chain issues have reared its ugly head, causing the HVAC industry quite a headache.

Shortages of Parts and Equipment

Perhaps the biggest challenge the HVAC industry has faced with regards to supply chain issues, is the ability to keep parts and HVAC units in stock and readily available for installation. As such, repairs, replacements, and/or upgrades of HVAC systems, especially during the busy season, may be slower than usual as companies wait for parts to arrive. Because of this, it is recommended that all Brevard County residents get proactive about HVAC maintenance and inspections EARLY, so they aren’t left with a broken system come summer.

Increased Costs

Shortages in raw materials used to make HVAC systems, as well as a lack of inventory despite consistent or growing demand has been a recipe for disaster. Costs of raw goods, such as metals, are up 20-30% in some cases, while oil used as an energy source for transportation and shipping is also on the climb. All of which translates to higher costs for HVAC companies and the customers.

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April 27, 2022


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