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September 16, 2020

How to Know if Your AC is on the Brink of Failure

How to Know if Your AC is on the Brink of Failure

How to Know if Your AC is on the Brink of Failure

Knowing when your AC unit might be on its last legs can help you budget and prepare for replacement. Below are the key signs that your AC is on the brink of failure.

1. Frequently Needs Repairs

An obscure repair from time to time isn’t unusual, but if your unit has required repairs each year above and beyond a simple tune-up, it might be on its way to the AC graveyard.

2. Increasing Energy Bills (month over month or year over year)

Decreased energy efficiency can be a key indication that your AC has seen better days.

3. Takes Longer to Cool the House

Is it taking your AC unit longer than it used to in order to cool your home? Extended cooling time may be indicative of a failing AC unit.

4. Old / Past Warranty Period

Your AC unit has a lifespan and warranty period. If your AC unit has reached or exceeded that lifespan/warranty, it is time to proactively prepare for a replacement.

5. Frequent Cycling

Cycling refers to your AC unit turning on, powering up, cooling to the desired temperature, then turning back off. That is a single cycle. A key sign of a failing AC unit is increasing frequency of cycles due to inefficient cooling of the air.

6. Strange or Loud Noises

All AC units make noise. But if you notice yours has gotten louder or is making unusual or strange sounds, it might be an indication something serious is wearing down or about to break. Clanking, grinding, whining, squealing, and hissing are all strong indications of an imminent breakdown.

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September 16, 2020


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