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August 19, 2020

HVAC Systems in Old and Historic Homes

HVAC Systems in Old and Historic Homes

HVAC Systems in Old and Historic Homes

Old and historic homes often pose unique challenges when it comes to updating or installing HVAC systems. Outdated (closed) floorplans and building materials (such as plaster and lathe walls) can make installation a more complex ordeal.

Mini-duct System: High-velocity mini-duct systems, as the name suggests, utilize small ductwork that is cheaper and faster to install, while also being less noticeable. They are highly efficient, capable of removing up to 30% more humidity than a standard HVAC system, resulting in drier cooler air.

Ductless System: Ductless options such as the ductless mini-split can be used to heat and/or cool multiple rooms without the need for expensive duct installation and/or renovations.

Traditional Duct Systems: Some old homes can be retrofitted to accommodate traditional HVAC systems by utilizing closet spaces or by boxing corners of rooms to house large ductwork.

If you’re tired of old forced-air or radiator systems and are considering an upgrade, you have options. Have your home evaluated by an HVAC expert who can take you through the solutions best suited to help you reach your goals.

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August 19, 2020


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