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May 23, 2024

Merv 8 vs Merv 11 Air Filters

Merv 8 vs Merv 11 Air Filters

Merv 8 vs Merv 11 Air Filters

Choosing the right air filter is critical for maintaining healthy air quality in your Palm Shores FL home. At Page Air, we understand the importance of making informed decisions. Let's compare MERV 8 and MERV 11 air filters for Brevard County residents.

MERV 8 Air Filters: These filters are great for standard residential use. They capture major pollutants like pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. If you're in Palm Shores Florida with average air quality and no severe allergies, a MERV 8 filter can be a cost-effective choice.

MERV 11 Air Filters: Stepping up to a MERV 11 means finer filtration. These filters catch everything a MERV 8 does, plus smoke, bacteria, and more. If someone in your home has mild allergies or other respiratory concerns, MERV 11 is an excellent upgrade.

Which Should You Choose?: Consider your household's specific needs. If you have multiple pets, allergies, or live in an area with higher outdoor pollution in Palm Shores, investing in a MERV 11 filter may provide added benefits. However, for those with a tight budget and less stringent air quality needs, MERV 8 is a reliable option.

Higher MERV ratings can reduce your HVAC’s airflow if it's not designed for them. Before switching, ensure your system can handle the filter to avoid potential issues.

At Page Air, your health and comfort are our priority. Contact us for personalized advice on air filters or any HVAC concerns in Palm Shores FL. We're here to ensure you breathe easy in your home.

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May 23, 2024


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