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September 15, 2021

Should I get my AC ducts cleaned?

Should I get my AC ducts cleaned?

Should I get my AC ducts cleaned?

AC ducts are an important component of your overall cooling system, with ductwork efficiently transporting cooled air to various rooms in your home or business. However, sometimes this ductwork can become dirty, clogged, infested with pests, and more. All of which leads to reduced efficiency, duct damage, reduced efficiency, and potentially dangerous indoor air quality.

Consider Having Your AC Ducts Cleaned If:

  • You notice an odd smell coming from your vents
  • You live in an area prone to humidity or high in dust, pollen, allergens or pollutants
  • You smell or notice mold growth within or on vents or ductwork
  • You are unable to inspect the majority of your ductwork due to it being inaccessible
  • You suspect infestation by pests such as rodents or insects who have made nests in your ductwork
  • You notice a reduced amount of airflow coming from your vents, potentially indicating clogged or damaged ductwork

Fact is, most of us in Brevard County, Melbourne FL, Cocoa FL, Merritt Island FL, Cocoa Beach FL, Cape Canaveral FL, and Rockledge FL should have our ductwork inspected and/or cleaned once or twice yearly as part of routine maintenance aimed at identifying small issues before they become costly repairs, and to keep the air flowing through your ductwork clean, healthy and without hindrance.

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September 15, 2021


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