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July 29, 2021

Tips for Reducing Noise from your HVAC

Tips for Reducing Noise from your HVAC

Tips for Reducing Noise from your HVAC

HVAC systems can be noisy. Sometimes this noise is indicative of underlying problems, failing parts or a poor installation. In other cases its just part of your system’s normal operation. Below we highlight a few solutions for reducing HVAC noise.

Closed Vent Dampers: Ensure that most if not all of your dampers are fully open.

Bent or Sagging Flex Ducts: Improperly installed ductwork can bend or sag, causing internal friction and air resistance that can increase noise.

Clogged Air Filter: A lesser thought of culprit, a clogged air filter can put increased strain on your system as well as resistance to airflow, resulting in increased noise.

Fan Speed: Ensure that your fan is configured to deliver optimal airflow per ton. This fix is most applicable when the fan speed is set way too high by the installer.

Updating Ductwork: In some cases, duct sizes are inappropriate for accommodating the volume of air produced, increasing static pressure and noise.

Adding a Bypass Duct: For homes and/or businesses with multiple zones, installation of a bypass duct may relieve pressure within the system to reduce noise.

Register or Grille Upgrade: Increasing the size of existing supply registers and grilles or adding additional points of air supply back to the system can relieve static pressure and reduce noise.

Hard vs Soft Ductwork: Duct pipe material can be a contributor to noise levels. Flexible ductwork is generally quieter than is hard steel ductwork. It can also be more easily manipulated to eliminate bends and obstructions.

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July 29, 2021


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