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November 24, 2021

Top signs you need a new heat pump

Top signs you need a new heat pump

Top signs you need a new heat pump

Heat pumps are frequently used to heat and cool homes in and around the greater Melbourne, FL area. Heat pumps are popular among Melbourne homeowners because they provide years of dependable, energy-efficient warmth – but they do need to be replaced at some point. Below we cover some of the telltale signs that your heat pump may be on its last leg, or in need of repair or replacement.

If you are looking for signs that you need a new heat pump, then here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Your heat pump or HVAC has needed frequent maintenance or repairs
  • It is difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home
  • Your energy bills spike unexpectedly
  • Your heat pump is excessively noisy
  • The heat pump seems to be running almost constantly

These are some of the top signs you need a new heat pump, and Page Air can help if this sounds familiar!

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November 24, 2021


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