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August 4, 2022

What is the float switch on your AC unit?

What is the float switch on your AC unit?

What is the float switch on your AC unit?

When it comes to AC jargon, customers often have questions. In this post, we cover a question we hear often: ‘what is the float switch on your AC unit’.

An HVAC float switch also called a ‘wet switch’ or condensate overflow switch, works as a means of preventing the AC unit’s water pan or basin from overflowing. Normally the water pan drains efficiently, preventing overflow. However, if this drain stops working properly, water can build up and overflow, potentially causing damage to the surrounding area such as your floors, instigating the growth of mold and bacteria, or damaging the AC unit itself.

In the event that the water level gets too high, the float switch will activate, causing the switch mechanism to ‘trip’ or float to rise. At this point, the switch is able to send a message to the AC unit’s control system, shutting the unit off and preventing further buildup of condensation.

The Benefit of a Float Switch on Your AC Unit:

  • Prevent and/or reduce water damage by safely turning off the compressor
  • Prevent excessive moisture and dangerous mold growth
  • Save money by preventing structural damage and damage to the AC unit

Where is the float switch located?

The exact location of the float switch will vary depending on the exact make and model of your AC unit. That said, if you have a horizontal unit, there will be a secondary drip pan under the primary, with the float switch typically attached to that secondary drip pan.

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August 4, 2022


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