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August 18, 2021

What to Do If Your AC Unit Has a Worn Contactor?

What to Do If Your AC Unit Has a Worn Contactor?

What to Do If Your AC Unit Has a Worn Contactor?

An AC’s contactor is what controls the flow of power (electricity) to all of the components necessary for your unit to work. A faulty, failing or broken contactor can result in your AC’s ability to properly cool your residence or business, and can even result in the unit running non-stop (even if your thermostat is turned to ‘off’).

Signs of a Bad AC Contactor

The most common sign is deterioration, known in the industry as ‘pitting’. This type of damage can occur under extreme heat or high voltage. When pitted, a contactor will often ‘stick’, resulting in a non-stop flow of power to the unit.

Other Indications of a Bad Contactor Include:

  • Chattering – attempting to make contact but failing to fully engage
  • Humming – an audible ‘hum’ but with lack of power
  • Melting – in extreme cases the plastic molding around the contactor may melt

Can a Contactor Be Repaired?

A pitted contactor cannot be repaired, but the coil in the contactor CAN be replaced. That said, replacement of a coil is often not worth the cost of labor and parts, and more often than not, replacement of the entire contactor is advised.

Replacement of the contactor is a fairly simple and affordable solution that can be carried out by a handyman or licensed HVAC contractor.

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August 18, 2021


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