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August 25, 2021

What to Do If Your Condenser Coils Become Dirty?

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What to Do If Your Condenser Coils Become Dirty?

Your AC’s condenser coils are a key component of your unit, playing a vital role in the cooling process. Over time they can develop a build up of dirt, grime, pollen and other gunk. Located on the outside of your unit, refrigerant carrying heat from inside your property travels through these coils. As air blows over them, this heat dissipates into the outdoor environment, thus cooling the air inside.

If these coils become dirty it can result in higher energy bills, increased strain on your AC unit, and reduced cooling capacity.

Here’s What to Do if Your Condenser Coils Become Dirty:

Call a Pro: Easy, effective, and efficient, this option gets the job done right and its an affordable service call/routine maintenance. If you’re not on a plan already, an annual inspection and/or tune up includes this service and is a great way to ensure your unit is operating at peak efficiency all year round.

Clear Debris: Keeping the area around your AC unit clear from debris, dirt, dust, pests and other junk is a great way to be proactive about keeping your condenser coils from getting dirty and clogged.

Straighten Out Those Fins: Aluminum fins surround the condenser unit. These brittle and soft fins can become bend from wind, impact, animals and more. When bent, it prevents optimal airflow. You can purchase a condenser fin comb to gently straighten out any bent or collapsed areas across the surface, improving airflow and allowing you to keep the fins clean.

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August 25, 2021


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