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March 4, 2021

What to do it you see your AC unit leaking water?

What to do it you see your AC unit leaking water?

What to do it you see your AC unit leaking water?

Your AC unit keeps your rooms crisp, cool and comfortable. But even AC units can get overworked, worn down, and compromised, leading to any number of problems. One common issue we see are AC units leaking water.

A leaking AC unit is no small matter, and if not addressed quickly, can lead to moisture damage to surrounding walls, ceilings, or flooring. If you notice water under your unit, the first step is to turn off the air conditioner at the breaker box or switch on the unit.

Common issues that can cause an AC unit to leak water include:

  • A cracked, unattached or missing drain pipe
  • A clogged condensate drain pipe or drain line
  • A clogged air filter
  • Frozen evaporator coil

PRO TIP: In some cases that might not be water leaking. Be advised that coolant leaks can pose a serious health risk and should always be handled by a professional using protective wear.

For those familiar with their AV Unit, a simple visual inspection of the drainpipe, lines, air filter and evaporator coil may yield an answer as to the cause. In other cases, inspection by a professional may be needed to troubleshoot the cause.

If you notice water pooling around your AC unit, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can quickly get someone on site and have your unit inspected and repaired in no time.

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March 4, 2021


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