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September 30, 2020

Why a Good Thermostat is Important for Your AC Performance

Why a Good Thermostat is Important for Your AC Performance

Why a Good Thermostat is Important for Your AC Performance

Your AC unit takes its order from your thermostat. Information sent from the thermostat to the AC Units computer board tells it exactly what to do and how to operate, from fan speeds to temperature levels.

Modern thermostats have come a long way from the basic analogue counterparts of the past. These innovations can have a major impact on your AC unit’s performance, helping you more efficiently manage humidity, temperature, air circulation and more.

The Benefits of A Good Thermostat Include

Lower Utility Bills: Energy costs can make up to 40% or more of a household’s monthly expenses. Updating to a programmable thermostat can save you big. Research from the EPA suggests that a savings of between 5-15% can be had from upgrading to a new programmable thermostat.

Makes Life Easier: We all have a lot to worry about. A smart or programmable thermostat ensures that your AC unit is putting in the work when necessary, and not when it isn’t, reducing system wear and extending the life of your system.

Smart Temperature Optimization: Smart thermostats can identify lifestyle patterns, adapt to weather conditions, and optimize temperature when at and away from home, reducing costs and maximizing comfortability.

Digital Readings: Digital readings and information on usage can help you make more precise and informed decisions about energy use.

WiFi / Remote Control: Have precise control and always know what the temperature and humidity conditions are in your home even when you’re not around.

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September 30, 2020


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