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June 27, 2024

Why Swamp Coolers Are Not Common In Florida

Why Swamp Coolers Are Not Common In Florida

Why Swamp Coolers Are Not Common In Florida

Understanding the best cooling options for a humid climate is essential if you live in Merritt Island, or most of Florida. The swamp cooler, while popular in dry climates, is rarely seen here, and here’s why.

The Science Behind Swamp Coolers:

Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, work by evaporating water to cool the air. This process is most effective in dry environments where evaporated water can decrease air temperature substantially.

Why they Are Unsuitable in Brevard County:

Merritt Island, like much of Florida, boasts a notably high humidity level most of the year. In such conditions, the air already holds a significant amount of moisture, which hampers the efficiency of swamp coolers. Since these devices rely on dry air to operate effectively, they are not suited to the humid environment found in Merritt Island.

What’s the Alternative?:

Traditional air conditioning systems are a far more effective choice in humid climates like Florida's. They not only cool the air but also dehumidify it, providing relief from both heat and moisture.

At Page Air, we understand the climate-specific needs of Merritt Island homeowners. Our range of cooling solutions is designed to ensure your home remains a comfortable oasis, even during the height of Florida's humid summers.

Looking for a suitable cooling method for your Merritt Island home? Let the experts at Page Air help you select an efficient and effective air conditioning system tailored to the local climate conditions.

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June 27, 2024


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