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June 27, 2022

Why You Should Check Your Condensate Line

Why You Should Check Your Condensate Line

Why You Should Check Your Condensate Line

The conduit line on your AC unit plays a critical role in the efficient cooling of your Florida home. Buildup, debris, algae, and more can all create clogs that impact performance.

Blockage of water in the condensate line can result in water backing up into the home, causing untold damage to property, as well as damage to the AC system itself.

Why is the condensate line so important?

As your AC system works, it pulls moisture from the air, resulting in condensation as the air passes over an evaporator coil. This excess moisture is directed to a drain pan, where it then travels by way of a condensate drain line to the outside of the home. When backed up, it can result in reduced cooling, damage to the AC unit, a backup of water, or freezing/ice over coils.

If your condensate line is clogged or blocked, give us a call today. We can quickly remove the clog and employ measures to prevent future issues.

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June 27, 2022


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