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February 16, 2021

Capacitator Troubleshooting

Capacitator Troubleshooting

Capacitator Troubleshooting

Also known in the profession as a ‘run capacitor’, this small cylindrical part is responsible for supplying the motor of your AC unit with the power it needs to run your system. Not only does it provide the power needed to crank on, but it also maintains a consistent flow of energy as the unit runs.

If you suspect your capacitator may be acting up, here are some indications to validate your theory and how you can troubleshoot the capacitator to find out for sure.

Capacitator Issues: indications of failure

  • AC no longer blowing cold air
  • AC takes a long time to ‘fire up’ when started
  • A humming, winding, or buzzing sound
  • AC unit unexpectedly shuts off
  • AC will not turn on

How to Troubleshoot the Capacitator

  • Check to see if your AC’s fan is spinning. You can do this by simply looking through the events on the top of the unit (outside your home).
  • If the fan is NOT spinning, check to make sure it isn’t jammed or stuck. You can do this by taking a thin screwdriver or other object and attempt to manually move the fan.
  • If the fan spins freely and continues spinning you may have a faulty capacitator

If any of the above sound familiar, or if you’re still stumped, it might be time to skip the headache and call a professional who can quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and fix the problem.

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February 16, 2021


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