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Introducing the Variable Speed Outdoor you have been waiting for. At Page Air, Inc we offer Brevard County Trane AC Merritt Island FL services, repairs and new installs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Variable Speed is not new. We should know, it was our idea.

Trane was the first in the industry to apply variable speed technology to residential air conditioning. Now, in our 100th year, we’re revolutionizing the 17+ SEER market with the introduction of Trane TruComfortTM Variable Speed air conditioners and heat pumps. Consumers want the most efficient and comfortable product at a price they can afford, and with 4 million U.S. households for which this product is a fit, you’ll be poised to capture your fair share.




With a Trane TruComfortTM system, the compressor, outdoor fan, and indoor fan system will vary operating speed and BTU output as the outdoor temperature changes. Using an industry-leading 700 speeds on ACs and 750 speeds on HPs, these systems slowly and gradually speed up or slow down in as little as 1/10 of 1% increments to maintain comfort within 1/2° of thermostat setting. Now that is precision.


A first for the industry, Trane’s 18 and 20 SEER models offer more choices in the variable speed category, with higher comfort levels and an affordable, competitive price point, setting the stage for a multiple-tier approach to our variable speed platform.


This is just the beginning of our multi-tiered offering. Building on Trane reliability, our unique torture testing, and the most extensive field trials ever, these new outdoor products are truly Trane engineering at its best.

“The heat pump kept us comfortable down to 12° when it finally switched to gas.”

"After my dual fuel system was installed, I could not hear my system run. The airflow noise was gone. My wife would even go check the thermostat to make sure the house was still at our set temperature because she couldn’t hear the system come on either. We spent nearly a month at single digits or lower this year. The efficiency from the unit was great. Even though we had an extremely colder winter than last year, our utility bills still went down.”
Aaron Larson, Trane FSR, Boise, ID

“During field tests, we’ve achieved 20% improvement in heating capacity.”

"Early field tests (78 total) have revealed a lot of exciting data that puts our new variable speed product at an advantage. Specifically, the capability to deliver supply air at approximately 100 degrees with single digit outdoor temperatures. We’ve pushed the limits of fan speed and variable speed technology in our compressor. The results are exciting."
Tim Storm, Product Leader, Trane

“I like that the system has service modes that allow you to run system checks without waiting.”

“I also like that you are able to set it at a speed and hold it there while performing system checks. It is obvious that lots of thought went into this system from the way the controls are set up. Diagnostics have a huge amount of detail from the CDA as well as the control.”
Mark Haydel, Trane FSR, Broussard, LA

Faster service diagnostics come standard.

Several new diagnostic enhancements have been designed to help service techs solve issues quicker and get up and running faster.


Convenient and accessible, the CDA built into Trane’s variable speed units provides a wealth of diagnostic information for servicing and maintenance.

The last four faults are displayed as the default screen to help techs as soon as they open the service panel. Test modes allow you to cycle the systems and check drive diagnostics. And there’s more. Lots more.

Sign up for certification training now.

Distributors must have a factory trained Field Service Representative to be able to sell the new variable speed outdoor products, and dealers must attend FSR training and maintain trained service personnel to sell, install and/or service the outdoor variable speed products.

To sign up for training: Contact your Trane sales representative. Trane AC Merritt Island FL and all of Brevard County, Florida.
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Trane’s Communicating systems match up perfectly.

Trane Communicating components are designed to work seamlessly with each other, providing you great upsale opportunities.
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