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October 7, 2020

Getting Your AC Ready for Fall

Getting Your AC Ready for Fall

Getting Your AC Ready for Fall

Summer is in the rearview and as the season winds down now is the time to start thinking about how you plan on winterizing and preparing your AC for the fall. Just because you aren’t using the AC doesn’t mean that the system doesn’t need some attention before you crank up the heat.

1. Program the Thermostat (or invest in a smart thermostat)
As autumn rolls in, weather can get a bit unpredictable. Weather patterns can change abruptly with some days resembling summer, and others winter. A programable thermostat allows you to stay on top of weather patterns, while a smart thermostat can intelligently optimize temperature control for the best energy efficiency.

2. If You’ve Put off Changing the Filter, Now is the Time
Summer pollen, allergens, dust and other particulates can clog AC filters, leading to reduced airflow, increased stress on your HVAC system, and energy inefficiency issues.

3. Professional Inspection and Tune-up
The summer heat can put a lot of stress on an AC unit. Leading into fall is the perfect time to have the system professionally inspected for any signs of minor wear or damage, allowing you to tackle small issues before they become major expenses. A professional tune-up can ensure your system is operating at optimal efficiency.

4. Duct and Air Vent Cleaning
The changing seasons can lead to build-up in and around vents and within the ductwork. This build-up is a prime substrate for the growth of bacteria and mold. Cleaning this can drastically improve air quality in your home.

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October 7, 2020


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