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June 8, 2022

Top 6 Ways Ductwork Gets Damaged

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Top 6 Ways Ductwork Gets Damaged

1. Age and Normal Wear
Age and normal wear are among the most common reasons ductwork becomes damaged and/or begins to fail. Gravity, time, regular use, houses settling and more can all contribute to causing damage over time.

2. Pests
The ductwork in Florida is a favorite hiding and nesting spot for a wide range of pests. From mice and squirrels, to cockroaches, ductwork offers a cool, dark, secluded place for them to set up shop. Clawing, chewing, contaminants, moisture from excrement and more can all lead to significant damage (not to mention a health threat).

3. Poor Installation
Cheap materials and shoddy craftsmanship are common with ductwork, especially that installed by unlicensed ‘handymen’.

4. Impact
Ductwork is often exposed, especially in the basement. There it could be subject to damage from physical impact, as well as corrosion from damp spaces.

5. Poor Maintenance
Although not a direct contributor to damage, failure to properly have your ductwork maintained and service will shorten its lifespan considerably.

6. Build Up of Contaminants
Pollutants, allergens, dust, dirt, grime, pollen, bacteria, and even viruses can and do build up inside ductwork. Over time, this mixture of contaminants can lead to an increased risk of seals wearing out, and corrosion as mold, bacteria, and mildew thrive in the dark cool environment.

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June 8, 2022


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